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As everyone knows that this film has won the best original screenplay category at the Academy Awards back in 1974. The film goes by the name Chinatown and it is directed  by Robert Towne which is one of the well-known script writer in Hollywood movies back in the days.In this final scene, different form of techniques were used to make the audience feel as though they are in this tragic tragedy.The night setting creates an echo of the city’s pervasive corruption while the darkness also creates the intimacy as the characters gathered in lights on the streets. First of all the camera remains at eye level with only a few jumps once a while and there are no close ups or extreme close-ups in the film.

In this film,Chinatown firstly the film starts with strums on a Chinese harp then while moving into the film we learn that Gittes used to work in Chinatown.Mrs. Mulwray have two chinese servants,one which is Khan and the other a woman who both lives in Chinatown, the location which was set as the ending. This is the location of the showdown and the site of Gittes’ tragic past which somehow he makes sure it’s going to happen again, is also a symbol for Mrs. Mulwray’s mysterious mind frame, which is at once mystifying and attractive, yet full of wonders and potential dangers. To me, i felt that Chinatown is the nightmare of urban New York where you may think you know what is happening, but you really have no idea of anything at all. Other than that there was another ending where Evelyn killed her father to protect her daughter from the old man, she might actually die along with her father, which is  the only way to put an end to his doings.

Mrs. Mulwray’s death isn’t that simple as it seems because it contains an idea where motives are focus to eyes and seeing things that are evidently but not what they seem. For example, Both Hollis Mulwray and Noah Cross wears glasses and so happen that Gitties found a pair of glasses which one side in broken as evidence in the pond. After discovering that he discovers a flaw in Mrs. Mulwray’s iris or so-called a birthmark in the movie. The movie ending leads us to Mrs. Mulwray‘s death by being shot through her left eye while her sister/daughter, Katherine screaming beside her. To me i felt that Gittes have to go through the same process again of protecting someone he love but in the end let them get hurt again and it was back to Chinatown once again the same results just like before.

Everyone must be wondering should Noah Cross die in this movie? The answer is no because i remembered clearly what he said in the film and it sounds like this ” I am rich, I am Noah Cross…”. It portraits him as a villain that will always get away with things and also shows that he is a very powerful man in the film. Stated earlier that the police will do as little as possible because  when they try to make things right they only make it worst because its a corruption, he owns the police and therefore it makes him a perfect role for a vilain.For me personally i think that it is good to leave Noah Cross alive in the end of the film even though most of us wants him dead, the reason why i said so is because if he were to die then we as the audience wondering what will happen next? but on the other hand if he lives on then we as the audience are left to think about the rest and what will happen in the future.In conclusion i think that the way they end it is very suitable for this movie and if i were to given a chance to watch it again, i would.


Strangers On A Train a film back in the 19’s,starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker and the main actor were Guy Haines and Bruno Anthony.From this film we can see that there are two sides of persona in everyone of us such as good and evil in this world. This is because we do not realize our unconsciousness when we are doing something but when we do realize it is our super-ego taking control of the situation.According to Sigmund Freud one of the well known people in the field of psychology came up with the human psychology theories which is the 3 components of the human mind and psychosexual development.

According to his theory  the human mind is  divided into 3 category which is the Id, Ego and the Superego. Most of us as humans we are said to be Id when we are responding based on our basis instinct and behavior, the reason is because most of the time we want to fulfill our physical , pleasures or even mental sayings and not care about the moral and values in the society that we need to inherit on.We can see this clearly from the character of Bruno Anthony in this film. In the beginning of the movie, between him and Guy Haines the famous tennis player started a conversation we can already see that he shows his Id but we can all see that Guy is the one that starts the first move for them to begin a conversation as his shoe touches Bruno’s shoe.The initial feelings i had for Bruno is that he is scary, the reason why i said so is because he meets a guy randomly on the train and he starts asking personal questions to Guy Haines and on top of that he even tells him about how is he planning to murder his father and discuss criss cross with Guy about he killing his wife for him and Guy kill’s his dad for him so they have no connection at all.All of us can see his Id clearly from the way he murders Guy’s wife at the amusement park first by making her felt that he is interested in her then when they are alone he single-handily kill her without feeling any guilt or he should not be doing this because its against the values of right. Most of us by now will know that we should not be doing that but he does not felt the same as us, he make it like it was a just a game like killing her was a piece a cake to him. After killing Guy’s wife he felt satisfy and pleasure by his doings that is why it falls under the category Id according to Freud.

From this film we can see that it is all about conflict between id and super-ego where the bad things that we do comes from ” Ego” which it consist of punishments such as criss cross and even taking out ones life like Guy Haines wife. And then it leads us to “Superego” which is stopping them from doing personal satisfaction, this occurs when our mind starts to interpret social values and norms.In the movie Strangers on a train the famous tennis player Guy Haines fits the role of Superego because he never decided what he wants and need but he lets the society think what is right and what is the best option, most of the time he cares about what the people thinks and not himself as what he want for example trying to set himself high up the society by marrying the daughter of a senator and tries to involve himself more with the publics and tries to get a image of standard among the society towards him,this action have clearly show us the societal norms with the superego concept.

Through out the entire movie we came across the psychosexual development theories through the characters where it begins during childhood and the three areas of pleasure and conflict namely the Oral, Anal then the Genital. The Oral stage, is when we all as a child most of us are on oral pleasures such as sucking mother breast,chewing on toys and sucking on our bottle. One example of oral fixation in the film which is Miriam, Guy’s slutty wife. You can relate it when she eats ice cream, sausage or any form of food where it involves her mouth to satisfy what she wants, it almost seems like a pleasure to her when she is doing it. On the other hand Bruno shows clear signs of Id which is knows as Oedipal Complex according to one of the Freud’s theory.Most of the time Bruno identifies his father as a threat to his desires for his mother ‘s love and from there onwards he creates a wall of anger and develop an evil thought which is killing his father and all sorts of way he can think of.

In conclusion, Hitchcock have showed us that dividing people as two is useless, as we can see that Bruno seems to be a maniac a crazy fella in the movie instantly trying to come out with lots of evil plan and bad doings because he have be alienated from the world of superego.Although the film was 2 hours long but it was worth the watch i have to say, so much of suspense in it and it keeps me awake and expecting more to come when the film is still playing.

ET 17:Bringing up baby!

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Before I begin I am going to start off by introducing you to the film that I have watched which was a classic black and white comedy, portrait by Cary Grant which is the lead actor and the actress Katheryn Hepburn name after “Bringing Up Baby”. This movie was made under RKO which everyone should know by now it was one of the big film making companies during the olden days. Cary Grant in that movie was playing as David Huxley a very soft , feminine and total dedication towards his job guy, most of the time he gives the audience the feeling that all he cares about was his work and work! On the other hand Kathryn Hepburn who played as Susan Vance a vicious, mischievous and CUNNING role in the film.From the movie she seems to be a decent and innocent girl but actually her look betrays her true colors, for example times after times she tried to fake David Huxley. One incident that I remember clearly was the cunning act where she pretends to be biten by the leopard and lures david to her room and the other one was when David Huxley was in her house she took away all his clothes while he was showering and fake his identity by telling her mother that his name was ” Mr. Bone”.

As we can see it in the film, this movie has reversed the gender which was that the female was much more dominant then the male , where she controls him most of the time and not the male taking his spot as an alpha male and be dominant towards her. The reason why i said that David Huxley is more towards the soft and feminine side is because when he first saw the leopard he quickly runs over to Susan and make him looked like a girl running away from my point of view, and on the other hand Susan herself was not afraid of the leopard at all in fact she loves the leopard a lot. What i can say about Susan vance is that she is like a parasit holding on to her pray which is David Huxley and not wanting to let him go no matter what the circumstances are. Somehow this movie shows me that the girl is like a criminal and the guy is influenced by her due to her cunningness in tricking him. As the movie plays along you will find it very irritating and pissed off at Susan because she is constantly causing troubles after troubles towards David is like a never ending trouble maker in your life bugging you every single day.

Unlike the comedies like Chaplin or Singing in The Rain this movie plays the comedy slightly different from them.Those that i have mentioned were more of using their body language and physical action to attract the audience to laugh.The elements that are revolves in this movie was the narrative they said for example David tells his most important business partner ” i’ll be with you in a minute” as he keeps repeating it over and over again i find it amusing and funny most of the time due to his facial expression and the way he speaks it, or when the Major is trying to growl like a leopard during that dinner with them and not to forget when Huxley tries lots of way to get rid of Susan but she plays dumb trying not to know what is he trying to say or she just wants to stick with him no matter what, i find it funny because she reminds me like a kid where they want to keep hold of their sweet all the time and not let them go no matter what.Personally i felt that this movie was quiet draggy and lots of things are being compiled together and so little time is given for the audience to take it in and therefore that is why i felt that the movie wasn’t successful when it was first released.