ET 17:Bringing up baby!

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Before I begin I am going to start off by introducing you to the film that I have watched which was a classic black and white comedy, portrait by Cary Grant which is the lead actor and the actress Katheryn Hepburn name after “Bringing Up Baby”. This movie was made under RKO which everyone should know by now it was one of the big film making companies during the olden days. Cary Grant in that movie was playing as David Huxley a very soft , feminine and total dedication towards his job guy, most of the time he gives the audience the feeling that all he cares about was his work and work! On the other hand Kathryn Hepburn who played as Susan Vance a vicious, mischievous and CUNNING role in the film.From the movie she seems to be a decent and innocent girl but actually her look betrays her true colors, for example times after times she tried to fake David Huxley. One incident that I remember clearly was the cunning act where she pretends to be biten by the leopard and lures david to her room and the other one was when David Huxley was in her house she took away all his clothes while he was showering and fake his identity by telling her mother that his name was ” Mr. Bone”.

As we can see it in the film, this movie has reversed the gender which was that the female was much more dominant then the male , where she controls him most of the time and not the male taking his spot as an alpha male and be dominant towards her. The reason why i said that David Huxley is more towards the soft and feminine side is because when he first saw the leopard he quickly runs over to Susan and make him looked like a girl running away from my point of view, and on the other hand Susan herself was not afraid of the leopard at all in fact she loves the leopard a lot. What i can say about Susan vance is that she is like a parasit holding on to her pray which is David Huxley and not wanting to let him go no matter what the circumstances are. Somehow this movie shows me that the girl is like a criminal and the guy is influenced by her due to her cunningness in tricking him. As the movie plays along you will find it very irritating and pissed off at Susan because she is constantly causing troubles after troubles towards David is like a never ending trouble maker in your life bugging you every single day.

Unlike the comedies like Chaplin or Singing in The Rain this movie plays the comedy slightly different from them.Those that i have mentioned were more of using their body language and physical action to attract the audience to laugh.The elements that are revolves in this movie was the narrative they said for example David tells his most important business partner ” i’ll be with you in a minute” as he keeps repeating it over and over again i find it amusing and funny most of the time due to his facial expression and the way he speaks it, or when the Major is trying to growl like a leopard during that dinner with them and not to forget when Huxley tries lots of way to get rid of Susan but she plays dumb trying not to know what is he trying to say or she just wants to stick with him no matter what, i find it funny because she reminds me like a kid where they want to keep hold of their sweet all the time and not let them go no matter what.Personally i felt that this movie was quiet draggy and lots of things are being compiled together and so little time is given for the audience to take it in and therefore that is why i felt that the movie wasn’t successful when it was first released.

  1. adprosebud says:

    Even though your writing is still weak — you need to work on syntax and grammar (see me if you want) — your ideas are good and linked to specific moments in the film. Good work!


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