ET21:Strangers On A Train, A Garden Of Freud

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Strangers On A Train a film back in the 19’s,starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker and the main actor were Guy Haines and Bruno Anthony.From this film we can see that there are two sides of persona in everyone of us such as good and evil in this world. This is because we do not realize our unconsciousness when we are doing something but when we do realize it is our super-ego taking control of the situation.According to Sigmund Freud one of the well known people in the field of psychology came up with the human psychology theories which is the 3 components of the human mind and psychosexual development.

According to his theory  the human mind is  divided into 3 category which is the Id, Ego and the Superego. Most of us as humans we are said to be Id when we are responding based on our basis instinct and behavior, the reason is because most of the time we want to fulfill our physical , pleasures or even mental sayings and not care about the moral and values in the society that we need to inherit on.We can see this clearly from the character of Bruno Anthony in this film. In the beginning of the movie, between him and Guy Haines the famous tennis player started a conversation we can already see that he shows his Id but we can all see that Guy is the one that starts the first move for them to begin a conversation as his shoe touches Bruno’s shoe.The initial feelings i had for Bruno is that he is scary, the reason why i said so is because he meets a guy randomly on the train and he starts asking personal questions to Guy Haines and on top of that he even tells him about how is he planning to murder his father and discuss criss cross with Guy about he killing his wife for him and Guy kill’s his dad for him so they have no connection at all.All of us can see his Id clearly from the way he murders Guy’s wife at the amusement park first by making her felt that he is interested in her then when they are alone he single-handily kill her without feeling any guilt or he should not be doing this because its against the values of right. Most of us by now will know that we should not be doing that but he does not felt the same as us, he make it like it was a just a game like killing her was a piece a cake to him. After killing Guy’s wife he felt satisfy and pleasure by his doings that is why it falls under the category Id according to Freud.

From this film we can see that it is all about conflict between id and super-ego where the bad things that we do comes from ” Ego” which it consist of punishments such as criss cross and even taking out ones life like Guy Haines wife. And then it leads us to “Superego” which is stopping them from doing personal satisfaction, this occurs when our mind starts to interpret social values and norms.In the movie Strangers on a train the famous tennis player Guy Haines fits the role of Superego because he never decided what he wants and need but he lets the society think what is right and what is the best option, most of the time he cares about what the people thinks and not himself as what he want for example trying to set himself high up the society by marrying the daughter of a senator and tries to involve himself more with the publics and tries to get a image of standard among the society towards him,this action have clearly show us the societal norms with the superego concept.

Through out the entire movie we came across the psychosexual development theories through the characters where it begins during childhood and the three areas of pleasure and conflict namely the Oral, Anal then the Genital. The Oral stage, is when we all as a child most of us are on oral pleasures such as sucking mother breast,chewing on toys and sucking on our bottle. One example of oral fixation in the film which is Miriam, Guy’s slutty wife. You can relate it when she eats ice cream, sausage or any form of food where it involves her mouth to satisfy what she wants, it almost seems like a pleasure to her when she is doing it. On the other hand Bruno shows clear signs of Id which is knows as Oedipal Complex according to one of the Freud’s theory.Most of the time Bruno identifies his father as a threat to his desires for his mother ‘s love and from there onwards he creates a wall of anger and develop an evil thought which is killing his father and all sorts of way he can think of.

In conclusion, Hitchcock have showed us that dividing people as two is useless, as we can see that Bruno seems to be a maniac a crazy fella in the movie instantly trying to come out with lots of evil plan and bad doings because he have be alienated from the world of superego.Although the film was 2 hours long but it was worth the watch i have to say, so much of suspense in it and it keeps me awake and expecting more to come when the film is still playing.

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    You are beginning to get some skill at essay writing. This is better than your previous work. You are writing in paragraphs and proving your assertions with examples from the film. I’m happy at your progress.


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