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Course Critique

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First of all i would like to say that taking FILM101 definitely brings a lot of benefits for me later on in the future, and to me it can be an easy course to score if you know the ways and it can also be a tough subject if you cant managed your time well in doing the works given. Well all that is just a small matter, because in the end it all depends on how we work for our grades here, as for FILM101 the beginning of the course might be a bit boring or outdated for me because i am not used to watching old movies, and noir films, all these have taken away my interest for the subject at the beginning of the semester. Compared to other subject FILM101 is more about analyzing the film and looking at it not just as an audience point of view but picking out the pieces of the film and find the reasons why is it so? and what is the purpose of it? For example, the lightings, the camera , the music , the narrative structure , genre, and etc .

My favorite films through out the whole semester is “M”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Bringing up Baby”, “Spirited away”, “Some Like It Hot”,”Chinatown” and also ” Strangers on the Train”. If only all these films where shown early in the semester i would be much more interested in it because i didn’t know that there are actually some nice films back in the olden days that are actually this good. My least favorite films are ” Citizen Kane” and “Birth of the Nation” and the reasons are both these movies are very boring and i could not get what are they trying to show , its like i am attending my history class back at high school again.The ET’s that i enjoyed writing is ” Singing in the Rain”, “Bringing up Baby” , “Spirited Away” and ” Strangers on the Train” all this ET’s have allow me to learned about the movie and the things the director did to make it better for the audience. Along the semester my interest for film has grow more and more compared to when i first enter this class, now that i have finished my course i dont look at  movies the way i used to before where, i enjoy the movie and dont think much of it but now, i still enjoy the movie but at the same time i have the ability to criticize the film and figure out the camera view, the narrative structure and the lightings used in the films all these are the lessons which i have learned throughout the semester.

Most of the time while i am writing my Et’s i do make some review on the blog we were given on the lecture notes and some of the videos provided by the lecturer because all of it came very helpful for me to finish up my task and also allows me to learn more about film and the history of it. I would tell another student that was going to take this course to be patience as it might get a bit boring in the beginning but once we have adapt to it along the way we will gain our interest for this subject more and more. Last  but not least i would like to thanks Mr. Rey for giving me this opportunity to learn this course under you other then my theater101, both this course have made me learn more new things and i suggest that if there are more color films or comedy films should be added in, so that for the newcomers they wont feel bored at the begining of the semester in fact they will gain their interest for the subject early in the semester which will allow them to score a better marks till the end of the course.


Comparison Essay: Dennis Ku

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White Chicks (2004)


Some Like It Hot (1958)


It has been listed as the greatest American comedy of all time back in 2000 by the American Film Institute which was a movie directed by Billy Wilder name after “Some Like It Hot”. Where else on the other hand we have a comedy American buddy cop film which was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans back in 2004. Both these movies have their similarities and plays around with their gender and taking it to a whole new era of film. There are some other memorable movie that uses men posing as women as well and they are the Tootsie and Mrs.Doubtfire which they both share some common characteristic such as the genre, narrative structure and other elements as well. Unlike the other movies, most of the time we already know what the movie is about and we expect it to happen already but in gender bender films we can never expect what happen next because most of the time the movie is so well organized that it leaves us as an audience not thinking what happen next but enjoy the moment that we were given during the movie. The two areas which I am going to compare out of ” Some Like It Hot” and ” White Chicks” are the narrative structure and the genre.

Before I start, i would like to introduce one of the quote from the movie ” Some Like It Hot” which i think that it is suitable through out these two movie and our reality which is ” Well, nobody is perfect”. This quote can be related to both the movies on gender bending which shows us the society now that not everything seems to what it is, most of the time we only see the surface.

Narrative Structure

White Chicks it begins with two FBI agents and brothers which is Marcus and Kevin Copeland ( Marlon and Shawn Wayans) in the convenience store disguising as Afro Cuban and tries to catch the members that sell drugs in ice cream but unfortunately they busted the wrong ice cream man and letting the right one ran off causing them a total failure in this operation. As a result to their failure, the chief have given them one last chance to redeem themselves by escorting the rich heiresses and socialites Tiffany and Brittany Wilson ( Anne Dudek, Maitland Ward ) to their social event at the Hamptons. On their way to the Hamptons they met an accident and caused the Wilson sisters suffer from minor facial cuts and no matter how they refuses to go till they recover to prevent the press and media as a result the two brothers are forced to disguise as the Wilson sisters in order to keep their badge with them. Then later on, the two brothers are starting to get hold of their gender where Kevin switches over to a guy potrating as Latrell Spencer ( Terry Crews ) the famous basketballer and uses his charm against Denise the reporter who have a history of dating rich and famous guys while on the other hand, Latrell has won over Tiffany during the charity auction.Later on, the Wilson sister found out that they have been clone and immediately rush out the premises and head to the Hampton and search for them. In the results to that, both of them have been fired by their chief and leaves the Wilson sister under danger which is the kidnapping by Mr.Vandergeld the one organizing the event. In the end, both of them reveal their identity to Marcus wife and Denise the reporter for causing them the trouble and mislead them.

Some Like It Hot, narrative about two Jazz musician Joe and Jerry ( Tony Curtis ) and ( Jack Lemmon )which they both witness the murder led by “Spats”, and when they saw Joe and Jerry both of them flee and decided to head towards Miami under a girl band dressing as women and calls themselves Josephine and Daphne.Upon arriving at Miami Joe tries to play as a millionaire cruise capten and hit on Sugar ( Marilyn Munroe ) while one night Joe uses Jerry to go on a dance with Osgood Fielding and him taking advantage on the given chance and bring Sugar to Osgood’s ship claiming that he owns all of them in order to win her heart. Later on, when Joe returns to the room he saw Jerry is still at his or should i say “her” world and after a while he announced that Osgood Fielding have proposed to him and he have accepted that offer without realizing that he is a man. Later on when all the thugs and mobster have arrived at the same hotel for a conference meeting, again both the Jazz musician witness another murder which is Spat and his companions. Later on, both of them and Sugar flee away with Osgood Fielding after revealing the truth he stated that “Nobody’s Perfect” which Joe will be able to reach his dream of marrying a millionaire.

Most of the scenes in White Chicks the director have insert the elements of exaggerate facial expressions and it contains lots of joke which enables us as the audience to enjoy the movie from the beginning till the end whereas there are a few scenes where the director uses a moving camera for example the scene where Marcus’s hand bag have been stolen, he chased the thief all the way and the camera effect has allow us as the audience to feel like we are also in the scene along with them chasing after the thief. On the other hand, Some Like It Hot do contain some similarities such as gender bender and some scenes which involves the camera Close ups and lighting have enable us as the audience to create the tension such as the scene where Joe hides behind the curtain and looking at Sugar singing on the stage, the lightings have created a deep feeling for the audience and brings the scene to a whole new level.


Both these movies inherit the similarities where they both falls under romantic, buddy comedy. The reason why i said so is because both these movie are gender bender where the male character plays the opposite sex and at some point of the movie one of the actors gets along well with the female role and forget his very own nature. For example the scene in “Some Like It Hot” where Daphne goes dining and dancing with Osgood, both of them tango-ing till the end and in the process of dancing Jerry forgets his own gender and he releases the female side of him and enjoy the dance along with Osgood, some of the part he leads and both of them switches the flower mouth to mouth shows the alpha male who is leading in a way, and when Daphne told Joe about the wedding it seems like he have already accepted the fact that he is a girl but Joe reminds him to tell himself that ” I am a boy”. Then we have the following scenes from White Chicks where Marcus as Tiffany enjoys having girl time with their bestie and doing so we can see the feminine side of him and one of the thing is that he enjoys doing so.

As for White Chick the director have made the film in a way that it gets us watching on as well as “Some Like It Hot” both these movies share some similarities which i have mentioned earlier, both these movie begins with thugs or mobster snuggling over drugs or illegal stuffs and both these movie shows us that the society that we live in now days. The things that we seen now in society isn’t as simple as it is because most of it is just the surface and the reason why i said so is because one movie starts off with drugs in ice cream and another which was illegal wine in coffin which both these scene mislead us as an audience in hiding the ugly truth from us, what we think is not what it seems to be. Later on, they met up with some problems and they are forced to play as different gender in order to achieve something or benefits themselves where Marcus and Kevin are forced to disguise themselves being the Tiffany sister is because they did not want to lose their job. As for  Joe and Jerry both of them flee away to save their lives from the mobster and they need money for living and this seems to be the best way as the mobster will never recognize them in girl dressing. Then we have the moments where both these film uses one of its actor to split personality whereas the other one remains the same and enjoys the feminism way. The scene where Kevin switches his gender back and forth in order to woo Denise he uses Marcus to distract Latrell and on the other hand he plays the alpha male and uses Latrell’s property and wealth to get her attention. Some Like It Hot takes the gender bender to a whole new level where it ends with ” Nobody’s Perfect”and we can see it through Jerry enjoys “herself” being a girl and dance off with Osgood, and the worst part is he agrees upon the marriage. Most of the time Joe uses his buddy to distract the millionaire and he himself uses all the benefit to get Sugar. Both this movies share the same characteristic in forms of genre and also their narrative structure. The Differences between White Chick and Some Like It Hot is that White Chick focus more on the dressing, the facial expression and the script whereas on the other hand White Chick uses effects such as Noir which manipulates the lighting and the black and white effects have really made this movie out of the extraordinary. For example the scene where Joe watches his love Sugar singing sadly after he told her that he is leaving to another place the lightings grew dim and the camera view close up to his face and for that moment we felt that we are actually there with him and witness the whole scene together, for me this was the scene which I felt touched and hold back my tears for.These are the similarities and differences between this movie.


The quotation which I find it suitable to sum up everything for these films is ” Nobody’s Perfect ” whether its regarding the social standings or marrying the other sex both the movies shows us that no matter what happens, eventually in the end they will have the sayings of ” and they live happily ever after”. The reason why i said so is because the confrontation of Marcus to his wife and Kevin to Denise about the whole truth somehow they are forgiven and thats what we as an audience are like to see in the ending. whereas on the other hand, Some Like It Hot ends with confrontation between Joe revealing his true identity to the Sugar and Jerry  telling every reasons that he could find to convince Osgood that he is no good for him ends up he being accepted for being a guy which Osgood doesn’t mind at all.In a way these movies manage to keep us entertain through their unique ways of playing around with gender bending and also some of the lightings and music which are involve.




“ You may think you know what you’re dealing with, but believe me, you don’t”

This is a strong dialogue which I would like to used here as an introduction is becaused basically this sentence have already told us the whole story. I will later on, explain more in detail. This movie has won at the Academy of Awards back in 1974 for its marvelous screenplay was one of Polanski’s fine work, because a private eye and modern-day film noir thriller back at the 1970’s could not have the ability to won such award with only the noir effects.

In this movie Jack Gittes used to be a policeman back then in Chinatown, but now he is a detective. A job which he have to do a lot of research, a lot of peeking and uncovering the truth for his clients but he is still holding on to the saying which he say later on in the movie which was “As little as possible”. He is still doing his job but the more he is trying to keep off his limit, he tends to find out more things and he gets himself deeper and deeper to the labyrinth where he discover the ugly truth behind the man who owns Chinatown. Jake didn’t know that he would faced the same ending again as he was doing his best to protect the one he cares but in the end he makes sure that she was hurt. In this film there are some repetitions of the events that occur for example, the water, the glasses that Mr. Mulwray was wearing, and the haunting nightmare of death in Chinatown once again but this time its even worst. The reason why I said so is because the ending of the movie is the main suspense scene, where the horrible scene where you thought that Mrs.Mulwray would get away with her daughter/sister from his evil father Noah Cross but after hearing a few gun shots and the car drove of, the camera didn’t focus on the car as it want us to think that they have got away but after a while a sound of the car honk and Katherine screaming in distance you know that Mrs.Mulwray is dead.

Through out this movie we as this audience are being mislead and most of the time we have been leaving puzzled trying to figure out what is happening but everything that happens isn’t as easy as it seems to be. What I have to say is Chinatown is a place of corruption and there are no equality here for the people because if you have money you own everything here, including the police which means you will never be in trouble even though you are committing a crime. This applies to Noah Cross because when Jake tries to tell the police that he committed a scandal and the one responsible for the death of Mr.Mulwray none of them listens to him in fact they asked him to leave. The reason why I say Chinatown this movie mislead us is because of the chinese people in the movie where the gardener told Gittes that it was “ salt water bad for glass” which I think he was trying to tell Gittes that it was bad for the grass instead but he could not understand what the gardener was trying to say therefore he didn’t get the missing piece of solving the puzzle and another incident occur when he misheard of “ apple core” and when he saws the image of the fish saying albacore then it finally make sense to him and he figure out what is connecting between this and the water.

In this film we can see that Noire elements which are being used through out the movie which was dull and dark colors which makes us as the audience and voyeur to create the feeling of tension and excitement in us. Not only the that, the camera angles are also equally important because when it moves to a close up we know that there is something the director trying to tell us for example the scene where Jack is at the Water and Power Department the camera aligns him in a medium long shot with a glass-framed flag and the image of a fish on it. The camera clearly is trying to hint us that there is some relation in there but we are not paying enough attention to take noticed of it. Another scene which is at the restaurant where the camera begins with a close up then slowly pulling back which reveals the newspaper saying “ Jasper Lamar Crabb” where this scene shows us that we are getting somewhere at last, we are moving forward closer to our goal.

Then we have a close up where the camera shows us the death of Mrs.Mulwray being shot in the eye, this enable us to see clearly what happen and it gives us a feeling of “ Why she is the one that is dead instead of Noah Cross” this question crossed my mind for a number of time but after thinking for a few days I finally realize that the ending of this movie was made to be this way is because Polanski wants us to figure out what happens next or what Noah is going to do in the future? It’s the best way to end the movie because we as the audience we might be expecting “ Chinatown 2”  better then he set the villain of the town dead in the end then it wouldn’t be fun at all as the story just ends this way. Where else on the other hand if it ends with the villain still walking on then it would be much more nicer to the people. That’s why Noah Cross told Gittes earlier as I have mentioned that “You may think you know what you’re dealing with, but believe me, you don’t” because he makes all the move in Chinatown, all the police and the people there are part of his chess set, he set the rules, he plays on the winning side.





ET23 Spirited Away As Anime

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Another masterpiece directed by Hayao Miyazaki in year 2001 “Spirited Away”. Ever since the release of this movie it has taken the place of my all time favorite Japanese film “Princess Mononoke” which was a movie about an outside Ashitaka struggles between the supernatural guardians of the forest and people of Iron Town, which uses the forest resources for their benefits. Where else on the other hand Spirited Away has some similarities between the two movies, which is both this movies deals with humans and spirits, or supernatural things on the other side of the world. Spirited Away is about a little girl named Chihiro Ogino who was brought into a world of spirits because of her parents gluttony and the night trap set by the spirits have forced her to take a job in the bathhouse in order to save her parents.

Anime Vs Cartoon.

Anime are those big eyes, big, and elongated limbs and have dramatically shaped speech bubbles speed line, which have colorful graphics and often featuring themes for adult audience. Firstly I would like to introduce you to some of the terms first before we start, which is “Shonen” which meant for boys for example Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Inuyasha. Then we have the “Shojo” which usually are meant for relationships and emotions, which most girls are interested in then Shonen who mainly focus on fighting and actions. Where else on the other hand Cartoons usually have very simple and define plot unlike the anime, which goes beyond the cliché. Most of the time cartoons are very straight forward where we can see it right through that he is good or bad but when it comes to anime somehow they play with our minds and twist us around, for example Gundam there aren’t really any good guys or bad guys in it because all of them are fighting to achieve their primary goal without caring about which is bad or good therefore it manipulates us as an audience. Most of the anime are meant for adult audience where the cartoon is much more suitable for the children, looking on the comedy side anime definitely stands out for it because of its exaggerate expression, and their gestures compare to cartoon.

Firstly I would like to talk about the Facial expression or also known as the comical expression. Most of the anime, which plays the scene shocked, and surprise they call it a “face fault” which means that they show very exaggerate expression. For example the scene where Chihiro runs back to get her parents in the restaurant the moment she saw them being a pig she shows an exaggerate reaction. The following scene is where the stink god arrives at the bathhouse the smell of it has caused everyone in the bathhouse especially Yubaba and Chihiro hair to stand that instance, this way it shows us the audience that the smell of the stink god is that terrible till that extend and it can be funny at times just by looking at their facial expression and how they react towards it.

Now I’m going to talk about subject matter for example fantasy, religion, sex and the unrealistic. Lets take the scene where Chihiro and the parent walk through the tunnel they are already exposing themselves to the spirit world and entering another realm far beyond then they imagine. The same goes to a similar anime where I used to watch back in high school, which is Ranma ½. The main actor Ranma who can be a girl and a guy at the same time just that when he is poured by cold water he transformed into a girl pours him. All these anime can be relate under supernatural, magical and unrealistic category. As I have mention earlier about the subject matter regarding sex, there is a lot of nudity shown in anime such as Bleach characters, Tier Harrible, Haineko, Rangiku. Most of them are sexy, hot, attractive girls in the film which most of the guys are craving to watch for.

As a boy, our all time favorite anime which is in the category of actions, killing, blood and fighting. All of us are interested in all those because anime have bring it to the next level where we get to use our imagination and makes us want to be a hero like that in reality. For example, Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam, and Fate Stay Night this are the few anime, which I loved most during my teens. The narrative technique of the anime are all not the same as each other, they may have some similarities but not exactly the same. Each anime have their ways of narrating the movie, as for “ Spirited away” the narrative technique that is used was reminiscence of the past where she remembers Haku’s name when she was drowning inside the lake finding for her shoe, Haku the river spirit have saved her. In fact not only spirited away uses reminiscene but Naruto as well have a lot of flashback of the past about his childhood and his father and even his teacher Jiraiya Sensei. In naruto we can also see the growth of a lonely child where hid village alienated him because he possessed the Eight tail spirit in him and as the episode goes along we can see that he grows stronger, standing out on what he believe is right, and fight till his last drop of soul for the village that once take him as an outsider. The same goes to Chihiro, at first she was a clumsy, immature and innocent girl, but as the movie goes along she starts to grow to be more mature, more brave and stand out for what she believed in. Anime have their way of showing us the “ Power of Love” really can change everything. For example Chihiro left the bathhouse and go search for Zeniba in order to save Haku’s life, for once she does not fear anything and just go for it.

“Must See Anime Films”




Naruto Shipudden













Princess Mononoke






My Neighbour Totoro





What Does anime have that attracts me?

The reason why anime attracts me is mainly because I’m able to let free of my imagination. For example, having supernatural power, awesome gadgets, cool weapon and the never ending episodes of adventure. During our childhood and teen many of us always have this crazy dream of becoming a super hero or wanting to travel to some magical island that’s why anime allows us to dream and imagine ourself what we want and maybe pursue in them even though its all just fantasy and unrealistic.