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Another masterpiece directed by Hayao Miyazaki in year 2001 “Spirited Away”. Ever since the release of this movie it has taken the place of my all time favorite Japanese film “Princess Mononoke” which was a movie about an outside Ashitaka struggles between the supernatural guardians of the forest and people of Iron Town, which uses the forest resources for their benefits. Where else on the other hand Spirited Away has some similarities between the two movies, which is both this movies deals with humans and spirits, or supernatural things on the other side of the world. Spirited Away is about a little girl named Chihiro Ogino who was brought into a world of spirits because of her parents gluttony and the night trap set by the spirits have forced her to take a job in the bathhouse in order to save her parents.

Anime Vs Cartoon.

Anime are those big eyes, big, and elongated limbs and have dramatically shaped speech bubbles speed line, which have colorful graphics and often featuring themes for adult audience. Firstly I would like to introduce you to some of the terms first before we start, which is “Shonen” which meant for boys for example Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Inuyasha. Then we have the “Shojo” which usually are meant for relationships and emotions, which most girls are interested in then Shonen who mainly focus on fighting and actions. Where else on the other hand Cartoons usually have very simple and define plot unlike the anime, which goes beyond the cliché. Most of the time cartoons are very straight forward where we can see it right through that he is good or bad but when it comes to anime somehow they play with our minds and twist us around, for example Gundam there aren’t really any good guys or bad guys in it because all of them are fighting to achieve their primary goal without caring about which is bad or good therefore it manipulates us as an audience. Most of the anime are meant for adult audience where the cartoon is much more suitable for the children, looking on the comedy side anime definitely stands out for it because of its exaggerate expression, and their gestures compare to cartoon.

Firstly I would like to talk about the Facial expression or also known as the comical expression. Most of the anime, which plays the scene shocked, and surprise they call it a “face fault” which means that they show very exaggerate expression. For example the scene where Chihiro runs back to get her parents in the restaurant the moment she saw them being a pig she shows an exaggerate reaction. The following scene is where the stink god arrives at the bathhouse the smell of it has caused everyone in the bathhouse especially Yubaba and Chihiro hair to stand that instance, this way it shows us the audience that the smell of the stink god is that terrible till that extend and it can be funny at times just by looking at their facial expression and how they react towards it.

Now I’m going to talk about subject matter for example fantasy, religion, sex and the unrealistic. Lets take the scene where Chihiro and the parent walk through the tunnel they are already exposing themselves to the spirit world and entering another realm far beyond then they imagine. The same goes to a similar anime where I used to watch back in high school, which is Ranma ½. The main actor Ranma who can be a girl and a guy at the same time just that when he is poured by cold water he transformed into a girl pours him. All these anime can be relate under supernatural, magical and unrealistic category. As I have mention earlier about the subject matter regarding sex, there is a lot of nudity shown in anime such as Bleach characters, Tier Harrible, Haineko, Rangiku. Most of them are sexy, hot, attractive girls in the film which most of the guys are craving to watch for.

As a boy, our all time favorite anime which is in the category of actions, killing, blood and fighting. All of us are interested in all those because anime have bring it to the next level where we get to use our imagination and makes us want to be a hero like that in reality. For example, Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam, and Fate Stay Night this are the few anime, which I loved most during my teens. The narrative technique of the anime are all not the same as each other, they may have some similarities but not exactly the same. Each anime have their ways of narrating the movie, as for “ Spirited away” the narrative technique that is used was reminiscence of the past where she remembers Haku’s name when she was drowning inside the lake finding for her shoe, Haku the river spirit have saved her. In fact not only spirited away uses reminiscene but Naruto as well have a lot of flashback of the past about his childhood and his father and even his teacher Jiraiya Sensei. In naruto we can also see the growth of a lonely child where hid village alienated him because he possessed the Eight tail spirit in him and as the episode goes along we can see that he grows stronger, standing out on what he believe is right, and fight till his last drop of soul for the village that once take him as an outsider. The same goes to Chihiro, at first she was a clumsy, immature and innocent girl, but as the movie goes along she starts to grow to be more mature, more brave and stand out for what she believed in. Anime have their way of showing us the “ Power of Love” really can change everything. For example Chihiro left the bathhouse and go search for Zeniba in order to save Haku’s life, for once she does not fear anything and just go for it.

“Must See Anime Films”




Naruto Shipudden













Princess Mononoke






My Neighbour Totoro





What Does anime have that attracts me?

The reason why anime attracts me is mainly because I’m able to let free of my imagination. For example, having supernatural power, awesome gadgets, cool weapon and the never ending episodes of adventure. During our childhood and teen many of us always have this crazy dream of becoming a super hero or wanting to travel to some magical island that’s why anime allows us to dream and imagine ourself what we want and maybe pursue in them even though its all just fantasy and unrealistic.


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    This is your best essay to date. You really take your time with the subject and do research. Your conclusions are based on specific examples from the film. I’m happy with the progress this ET represents.


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