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“ You may think you know what you’re dealing with, but believe me, you don’t”

This is a strong dialogue which I would like to used here as an introduction is becaused basically this sentence have already told us the whole story. I will later on, explain more in detail. This movie has won at the Academy of Awards back in 1974 for its marvelous screenplay was one of Polanski’s fine work, because a private eye and modern-day film noir thriller back at the 1970’s could not have the ability to won such award with only the noir effects.

In this movie Jack Gittes used to be a policeman back then in Chinatown, but now he is a detective. A job which he have to do a lot of research, a lot of peeking and uncovering the truth for his clients but he is still holding on to the saying which he say later on in the movie which was “As little as possible”. He is still doing his job but the more he is trying to keep off his limit, he tends to find out more things and he gets himself deeper and deeper to the labyrinth where he discover the ugly truth behind the man who owns Chinatown. Jake didn’t know that he would faced the same ending again as he was doing his best to protect the one he cares but in the end he makes sure that she was hurt. In this film there are some repetitions of the events that occur for example, the water, the glasses that Mr. Mulwray was wearing, and the haunting nightmare of death in Chinatown once again but this time its even worst. The reason why I said so is because the ending of the movie is the main suspense scene, where the horrible scene where you thought that Mrs.Mulwray would get away with her daughter/sister from his evil father Noah Cross but after hearing a few gun shots and the car drove of, the camera didn’t focus on the car as it want us to think that they have got away but after a while a sound of the car honk and Katherine screaming in distance you know that Mrs.Mulwray is dead.

Through out this movie we as this audience are being mislead and most of the time we have been leaving puzzled trying to figure out what is happening but everything that happens isn’t as easy as it seems to be. What I have to say is Chinatown is a place of corruption and there are no equality here for the people because if you have money you own everything here, including the police which means you will never be in trouble even though you are committing a crime. This applies to Noah Cross because when Jake tries to tell the police that he committed a scandal and the one responsible for the death of Mr.Mulwray none of them listens to him in fact they asked him to leave. The reason why I say Chinatown this movie mislead us is because of the chinese people in the movie where the gardener told Gittes that it was “ salt water bad for glass” which I think he was trying to tell Gittes that it was bad for the grass instead but he could not understand what the gardener was trying to say therefore he didn’t get the missing piece of solving the puzzle and another incident occur when he misheard of “ apple core” and when he saws the image of the fish saying albacore then it finally make sense to him and he figure out what is connecting between this and the water.

In this film we can see that Noire elements which are being used through out the movie which was dull and dark colors which makes us as the audience and voyeur to create the feeling of tension and excitement in us. Not only the that, the camera angles are also equally important because when it moves to a close up we know that there is something the director trying to tell us for example the scene where Jack is at the Water and Power Department the camera aligns him in a medium long shot with a glass-framed flag and the image of a fish on it. The camera clearly is trying to hint us that there is some relation in there but we are not paying enough attention to take noticed of it. Another scene which is at the restaurant where the camera begins with a close up then slowly pulling back which reveals the newspaper saying “ Jasper Lamar Crabb” where this scene shows us that we are getting somewhere at last, we are moving forward closer to our goal.

Then we have a close up where the camera shows us the death of Mrs.Mulwray being shot in the eye, this enable us to see clearly what happen and it gives us a feeling of “ Why she is the one that is dead instead of Noah Cross” this question crossed my mind for a number of time but after thinking for a few days I finally realize that the ending of this movie was made to be this way is because Polanski wants us to figure out what happens next or what Noah is going to do in the future? It’s the best way to end the movie because we as the audience we might be expecting “ Chinatown 2”  better then he set the villain of the town dead in the end then it wouldn’t be fun at all as the story just ends this way. Where else on the other hand if it ends with the villain still walking on then it would be much more nicer to the people. That’s why Noah Cross told Gittes earlier as I have mentioned that “You may think you know what you’re dealing with, but believe me, you don’t” because he makes all the move in Chinatown, all the police and the people there are part of his chess set, he set the rules, he plays on the winning side.





  1. adprosebud says:

    Please see me before I grade this again.

  2. adprosebud says:

    This essay is not your best work. It is very disorganized and doesn’t concentrate on the ending of the film until the last paragraph. I appreciate the research you did, however. I give the essay a 5.5 but deduct one point for your previous plagiarism.


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