Course Critique

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

First of all i would like to say that taking FILM101 definitely brings a lot of benefits for me later on in the future, and to me it can be an easy course to score if you know the ways and it can also be a tough subject if you cant managed your time well in doing the works given. Well all that is just a small matter, because in the end it all depends on how we work for our grades here, as for FILM101 the beginning of the course might be a bit boring or outdated for me because i am not used to watching old movies, and noir films, all these have taken away my interest for the subject at the beginning of the semester. Compared to other subject FILM101 is more about analyzing the film and looking at it not just as an audience point of view but picking out the pieces of the film and find the reasons why is it so? and what is the purpose of it? For example, the lightings, the camera , the music , the narrative structure , genre, and etc .

My favorite films through out the whole semester is “M”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Bringing up Baby”, “Spirited away”, “Some Like It Hot”,”Chinatown” and also ” Strangers on the Train”. If only all these films where shown early in the semester i would be much more interested in it because i didn’t know that there are actually some nice films back in the olden days that are actually this good. My least favorite films are ” Citizen Kane” and “Birth of the Nation” and the reasons are both these movies are very boring and i could not get what are they trying to show , its like i am attending my history class back at high school again.The ET’s that i enjoyed writing is ” Singing in the Rain”, “Bringing up Baby” , “Spirited Away” and ” Strangers on the Train” all this ET’s have allow me to learned about the movie and the things the director did to make it better for the audience. Along the semester my interest for film has grow more and more compared to when i first enter this class, now that i have finished my course i dont look at  movies the way i used to before where, i enjoy the movie and dont think much of it but now, i still enjoy the movie but at the same time i have the ability to criticize the film and figure out the camera view, the narrative structure and the lightings used in the films all these are the lessons which i have learned throughout the semester.

Most of the time while i am writing my Et’s i do make some review on the blog we were given on the lecture notes and some of the videos provided by the lecturer because all of it came very helpful for me to finish up my task and also allows me to learn more about film and the history of it. I would tell another student that was going to take this course to be patience as it might get a bit boring in the beginning but once we have adapt to it along the way we will gain our interest for this subject more and more. Last  but not least i would like to thanks Mr. Rey for giving me this opportunity to learn this course under you other then my theater101, both this course have made me learn more new things and i suggest that if there are more color films or comedy films should be added in, so that for the newcomers they wont feel bored at the begining of the semester in fact they will gain their interest for the subject early in the semester which will allow them to score a better marks till the end of the course.


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