ET13 Singing in the rain.

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Singing in the rain

Acting is all about expressionism, and expressionism was first born at germany at the beginning of the 20th century.It is a term used to evoke moods or idea in the present world.Singing in the rain plays and truly shows the expressionism through the actors face and the way they act it out.As the film plays along you’ll get to witness the act through mis-es-scene where you can see the elements used in it, where brightness of the lights is used  at different situation because in different situation the brightness of the light do influence the feelings of the audience. For an example,when dim light is used in the scene it will make the situation felt that something creepy is going to happen or about to happen, it gives the audience a preparation of what might come next.Where on the other hand if a brighter lighting would be used the audience would feel a sense of secure in a way.

I’ll take a interesting scene out from the movie which i enjoy and love most which is the scene where the main actor which is Don Lockwood kissed Gene Kelly his lover in the rain. Everyone by now should know that he is madly in love with her and from this scene you can see that instead of taking the ride off the the rain he prefer to walk in the rain happily. We dont see this very often where anyone would want to get wet instead of the train then avoiding it.From what i can see is after that angelic kiss from Gene Kelly, the kiss has warm him over the chill of the rain and he seems to be extremely happy , humming and dancing in the rain with his umbrella. As time passes, he grew happier and happier dancing in the rain and acts like a kid once again just like child hood, playing around with water, hop on the lamp pose and dance around it.

One thing which I NEED to mention was Gene Kelly’s tap dance was AMAZING each step she takes is full of graceful and it makes me felt that I am a free man now because i am floating here and there like a bird full of freedom, freedom to go anywhere i want without any restrictions or whatsoever. From my point of view the camera makes the whole idea which is expressionism a whole lot different and much more professional for example the shot where Don Lockwood was dancing with Gene Kelly the camera has allow us as the audience to see their entire body movements and clearly what they are doing. This film is mainly about the choreograph and the dancing so that is why the angles of the camera must be precise and finding the right spot so the audience gets the feeling of it when they are dancing together.Not only the camera shots are important, the lightings are equally important as well because in different situation some lightings is preferred to be more dim or darker in order to make the atmosphere better and some are much more suitable with brighter lights so the audience gets to see the body gesture and movements clearly.

We get to see a lot of expressions through this movie as the choreograph was superb and fantastic, it did not gave the audience the sense of boredom instead of that it keeps me wide awake and wanting to watch more into the movie enjoying each and every act by them.Other then that, the dances by both of them was amazing, the hard work that they have put in and the energy flows in them is what i admire most. During the dance the type of shots are long shots(LS) which is a shot where it takes the whole body of the actors this way we get to see the expression from them and also enjoy the choreograph till the end.Not only the angles of the camera are important but the music that are used plays equally an important role to give the audience the exact feeling on the given situation. And for what i think, i felt that Don Lockwood his singing suits well with his choreograph well and it somehow got me in the movie along with him.


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